Google Glass and Fighting Traffic Tickets

I'm now using Google Glass to help me fight tickets at the Bronx Department of Motor Vehicles.

Google in the past year released this wearable set of "Glass" frames that have cell phone like features but instead of using your hands and always looking down to your cell-- allows you to use your voice to access information.

I'm hoping that I can use it to more effectively stay in touch with clients for now and incorporate it into my daily legal work routine over time with other features.  Yesterday, for example, I got a text message from a lawyer in Brooklyn who needed to have his case covered.  I heard a beep on my Glass, tilted my head 30 degrees up to activate the monitor, read his message.  My Glass gave me the option to answer the text with a response, I verbally answered him that I was available and Glass transcribed my message and sent him back a text response.  All of this was done hands free and within seconds of getting his message.

I use technology to improve the services I provide my clients in a number of ways:

1. Paperless Cloud Based: All Client information is in Evernote, a cloud based information storage system that I use to organize client files and also use to calendar my cases.  I have a database backup on my home computer but if anything were to go wrong such as a fire, I still have everything backed up on the cloud servers of Evernote.

2. Ipad Air: I take paperless notes and fight cases daily using an iOS app called NoteShelf.

3. Google Voice: All phone numbers and phone calls are handled through Google Voice which is a virtual phone number that transcribes messages.  I can save thousands of client calls and contact numbers.  Many times clients call me and I'm able to "guess" who they are through my saved client information and access their file within 15 seconds of their call.