Hurricane Sandy closes NYC DMV's and Traffic Violation Bureau Offices-- All Trials Canceled for Motorists!


The NY State DMV website has posted information confirming all hearing offices will be closed Monday October 29th and Tuesday October 30th due to Hurricane Sandy.

From past shutdowns due to snow storms, the DMV usually reschedules automatically all schedule trials to new dates and sends motorist letters in the mail.  In all likelihood, after DMV personal return to work on Wednesday, they will spend the next few days going through thousand of cases affected by the Hurricane Sandy and rescheduling them to new dates in the future.  Letters will be sent to motorist in the mail.  It takes a couple of days, so just wait a week or so to get your notice in the mail with your new appointment if you had a hearing on October 29th or 30th.

If you call DMV on Wednesday, assuming you get to a human being, and pigs fly, they won't tell you anything since they just got back to work and need to start rescheduling all the missed hearings.

>>>CLICK HERE: How to reach a human being at the DMV by phone

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