I Got a f#*%+ing Ticket on my way to Fight a Ticket!

I swear I'm not making this up.

Yesterday, I fought and won a cell phone ticket for a returning customer.  I've fought a couple of tickets for her over the years.  A tough to beat officer had written her the ticket but he arrived very late, felt rushed, and sped through his testimony trying to make up for his tardiness.  He identified my female customer 4 times during his prima facie case as "he," "him," the "male motorist."  I looked at the female judge and pointed to my left stating the obvious, "well some guy might have been guilty of using a cellphone but my motorist is a female."  Case was dismissed and my customer left happy having avoided the fine and the 3 points.

Ten minutes later, I got a call.  It was from my female motorist, calling to tell me that a cop was giving her a driving without a seatbelt ticket as she was exiting the DMV parking lot. Ouch!  She quickly told me she had to hang up since the officer was returning with the ticket and she was afraid he would give her a cellphone ticket!

Today, I represented an elderly gentleman who brought his daughter to translate.  He had a 6 point speed that I was not able to dismiss but was able to reduce the points down to 4 and the penalty down to $195 from $530.  They were happy with the results and I was trying to get to my next customer but his daughter still wanted to ask a couple of more questions.  Almost embarrassed, she told me that they got a "disobey traffic device ticket" from an officer on the way to fight their speeding ticket today.  They tried to ask for a break from the officer but he just told them that they could take advantage of going to the DMV and answer the ticket!

I've noticed the lines at the Traffic Violations Bureau very long this week and asked an officer if something was up-- he told me his precinct was giving lots of overtime pay toward writing moving violations.

You have been warned.  Lots of summonses are being written lately in the Bronx.  Even if you've gotten a ticket, it doesn't make you immune from getting a second or third moving violation in quick succession.  Sometimes luck can be random, you can flip a coin ten times and it can randomly come up heads ten times.

Silly as this may sound, now you have one more advantage to hiring a lawyer to fight your ticket:

1) You improve your chances of winning,

2) No lost opportunity costs: day lost from work, vacation days, time,

3) You save gas, tolls, and parking fees (don't even ask me about the bad garage by the dmv where cars have been damaged, lol),

4) You absolutely won't get another moving violation driving to and from the motor vehicles!  You can guarantee yourself no additional tickets by not showing up and letting a lawyer fight your case for you!