I won a case today because of my client...

Sometimes, the prep work I do before I enter the courtroom helps in winning the case.  Today, I had a case where the judge could have ruled against me but didn't because I had important paperwork that a client had faxed to me.  

My client was very thorough in preparing for her case: she mailed in a return receipt certified copy of her ticket to dmv, scanned her ticket, sent me a copy of all her correspondence with dmv.  

When dmv suspended her for failing to answer the ticket, she had proof to show she had answered the ticket and we were able to get her suspension lifted. 

She sent me a copy of her ticket which helps at trial because I can nitpick the police officers testimony by comparing it to his ticket.  

Sometimes the ticket looks perfect to a novice but even a perfect ticket can be helpful if the cop contradicts it at trial.  In her case, the officer gave perfect testimony and should have won but he actually misread his own handwriting by stating that the infraction happened at 9 pm.  I won the ticket because my client had sent me a copy of the ticket which I showed to the judge that the infraction occurred at 9 am.

Sometimes, the great lawyers are made by reat customers ...