Dalek from Doctor Who Invades Da Bronx DMV, "Exterminate!"

I was checking images for famous yellow robots in movies and the closest I got was Dalek from Doctor Who.  (Can you suggest a better robot for this image in the comments?)

The picture shows the newly installed "NY DMV Service Center" where you can renew your registration without making the 3 hour line and dealing with the friendly public servants of the DMV made famous by too many stereotyping movies.  You can pay by credit or debit card and get a temporary registration until a permanent one is mailed to you.  I interviewed a friendly Dalek engineer-- I mean DMV Service Center engineer who was posted near the new machine to help out motorist who wanted to use it.

Most drivers appeared to be ignoring this possibly dangerous Dalek... ah DMV Service Center and opting for the 3 hour line.  

I love technology as much as anyone but I hate how these services are pushed slowly unto us.  I've noticed a number of CVS stores installing dozens of these automated tellers and drastically reducing the number of cashiers as they slowly train the public to use the ATM checkout.  They ("THE MAN/CORPORATIONS") save more money having one person help the customers deal with these machines than by employing 6 cashiers to help you. Yes, 6 more humans not to pay health care, sick leave, or a minimum wage.

I know everyone loves to hate the DMV and the public servants that work there but imagine a couple of years into the future when you'll walk into a modern DMV and see a wall lined with yellow DMV Service Centers.  What will you do when a mistake happens and you start to yell at your yellow DMV Service Center asking to talk to its supervisor...

I think I started this blog to promote my business so I'm not a machine (some think I'm more dangerous, a shark ... I mean, an attorney) and if you call me on the phone, I really try to talk to you and explain your options in dealing with the Traffic Violations Bureau here at the Bronx DMV.  When you call me, I don't use a secretary to screen my calls, and I always try to call back my customers when they leave a voicemail.