Sex, Lies & Traffic Tickets at the Bronx Traffic Violations Bureau

I fight cases everyday at the Bronx TVB.  What was unusual the other day was that I had 2 customers with different tickets that the same officer had written.

The first customer (male, tall, dark, handsome, 40's) had a speeding ticket for 4 points.  He met me at the motor vehicles while I was talking to my 2nd customer who had hired me previously.  He decided to hire me on the spot to fight his case.  I told him I had to first finish with my lady customer.

The second customer (female, edium height, attractive, brunette, 30's) had a 2 point disobey traffic device.  We discussed her case and then entered the room.  The officer was competent but sometimes he got a bit cocky with himself and would make a mistake.  This happened with her case and I got it dismissed.

I got the guy into the room and the second lady customer to wait for her dismissal receipt while I finished his case.  Unfortunately, the officer was not so cocky after being burned by my first win against him and slowed down his testimony making sure he stated all the prima facie elements he needed to win.  Seeing that our case had gone soft, I negotiated down his points from 4 down to 3 with the judge.

Then the NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicle's computer systems went down.  Neither the man nor the woman could get their receipts.  I told them to wait together, that I would get their paperwork once the computer system came back.

The lady kept complaining about her officer recounting every vivid detail even though we had won and I told her a couple of times, "who cares that the cop exagerated, we won."  The guy could only agree and recount his speeding ticket and how at least how I reduced his points.

Twenty minutes later, I walked them to the information after hearing line to get their receipts once the computer system came back on line.  While on line, they were still talking to each other and then at one point the male customer took his hand and started to caress/massage my female customers' neck slowly.  She turned her head slowly around and with a wicked smile warned him that in certain places he would have passed the sexual harassment line.  He timidly backed off smiling innocently.

I finished with her at the DMV information window giving her the dismissal receipt and as she was going to walk away, she called back, I thought it was another follow up question or another riff at the, "lying officer," but it wasn't-- she merely said smiling sexily, "honey, I'll wait for you at the parking lot," to my male customer.  He smiled nodding back and then went to the clerk with me to get his receipt.

That was the moment that I realize that sometimes a traffic ticket can lead to a hook up at Da Bronx DMV...

PS: Did he hire me trying to win his ticket or trying to meet my attractive female customer?  What do you think?