I love my wife ... perhaps, I should get divorced?

This video is about, "I love my wife … perhaps, I should get divorced?"

Please Note: No husbands were hurt in the making of this video, only 50 plates bit the dust.

Still going through old video shoots and I had so many views on my, “I’m so ugly, I got multiple traffic tickets!” video that I edited another television commercial I worked on a couple of years ago.  I was working on a friends divorce and it was messy.  I was planning on expanding my business from traffic court representation into divorce proceeding in the Latino community.

First thing to do, of course, was shoot a video commercial!  While brainstorming ideas, I thought that I needed to reach out to clients who are in long dead relationships but stay married when everyone around them sees the obvious.  It was my goal to raise the divorce rate in the Bronx!

I shot 2 commercials.  The first from the vantage point of a woman and the second from that of a man.  This video is obviously from the vantage point of a man.  The second video, tentatively titled, “Wife cutting cucumber waiting for husband to return,” needs extra edits and new footage.  

Da-Production Notes:  Yes, I know the quality is horrible.  I shot it under the worst conditions possible.  Cloud cover was gone and the sun was very harsh-- but I had my actor (the talented guy next door, Jose Abreu), 50 dishes to break, the voice of the angry wife (Johanna Caceres), an angry plate thrower (Odalis Nolasco) that got out her pent off frustrations without hurting Jose.  Rosa Gil assisted with sound and production.  Indoor scene was shot at studio location in the Bronx provided by Ismael Betancourt and the great camera work was by Shamsul Islam. Produced, directed, written, edited etc by DaBronxTrafficLawyer.com productions, lol, Victor Bernace.  Video was shot on the grounds of John F. Kennedy High School against the wall of school on a sunny weekend.  This is my first attempt at green screen and keying and I gave up after a couple of hours of tinkering with my image.  Yes, I know, my ears have a weird alien look and color to them.

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