I'm so ugly, I got multiple traffic tickets!

The inspiration for this video was a customer that I met when I first started defending motorist at the traffic violations bureau for moving infractions.  The driver had gotten 18 tickets from a single traffic stop.  The driver admitted to me that he did deserve one of the tickets but that the police officer was so angry and disgusted with him that he gave him the other 17 traffic tickets.  He started joking to all the other motorists within earshot at the hearing, that the cop had just given him the ticket for "being ugly."  Everyone started laughing because the motorist was actually not handsome and some would actually agree with him, that he was ugly.  However, we all really knew that what had happened was that my motorist lost his temper and then the police officer lost his temper and just punished him beyond any reasonable justification with an extra 17 tickets.

We all get tickets and sometimes we deserve them, but many times police officers are having a bad day or they just don't like the motorist's defensive attitude and they typically react by hammering the motorist with multiple tickets.

When you get multiple tickets, your first instinct is to blame yourself like my customer did to the point of calling himself ugly.  Many motorists have had such a horrible experience that they don’t want to even fight the tickets because they are afraid of dealing with the angry police officer that gave them the tickets.  However, you actually have the best chance of winning in these cases because the Judge hearing your case can see how outrageous and unfair it was to get two or three tickets for the same offense.  Often, so much time has passed from the time the cop gave you your tickets to the date of your trial, that even the cop isn’t as angry as he or she was initially and decides to tell the judge that one or two of the multiple tickets were indeed duplicates.

So if you get more than one ticket at a traffic stop, stop blaming yourself, you really aren’t ugly, fight those tickets!

Da-Production Notes: This television commercial was produced more than 10 years ago.  Concept, writing, production are by Victor Bernace.  The gifted director and editor is Gretchel Hill.  Actors: Motorist (Jose Abreu), Police Officer/Judges Hand (Victor A. Bernace).  Commercial ran on Time Warner’s Upper Manhattan Cable’s Channel 35, nicknamed, “the Dominican Channel,” due to the large content of Washington Heights Dominican community programming.  When I started fighting tickets, 90% of clients were from the largely Dominican Taxi Bases which explains the Dominican Flag in the background.  I wanted the video to be a Spanish Version of Uncle Sam calling the downtrodden cabbies to fight their tickets rather than paying them and losing their licenses. DaBronxTrafficLawyer.com/Victor A. Bernace, Esq. Copyright.

Source: http://youtu.be/K8LUgl3MsY0